seven interventions
Germany / Switzerland, 2022

„Seven Interventions is a playful yet poetic examination of the idea of the apparatus in contemporary photography. The artist experiments with automated machines that engage with the photographic act of capture in ways that are simultaneously subtle, ironic and surprising.
By reimagining what a camera could be, the artist invites the viewer to reflect on the role of photography at large. The kinetic installations depicted in the video show image making as a process devoid of human actors and entirely performed by machines. Yet these contraptions are far from the cold and flawless narratives of automatisation: they are clumsy, imperfect and struggling machines that embody a constant attempt to capture and represent the world that feels extremely human. At times obsessive, pointless and failing, these automated cameras are a balancing act that reveals the process of making images as a never-ending negotiation between perception and reality. Finally, the video acts as a reminder that automated processes cannot be detached from human ideas, desires and interpretations that are infused in the creation of contemporary automated and algorithmic imaging systems.“
Foto Industria Bologna, Ecal Photography