MA Graduation
Germany / Switzerland, 2022

„Clemens Fischer's installations consist of seemingly unstable assemblages which autonomously produce images. The artist brings together diverse photographic and cinematic technologies in order to create dreamy speculative machines, that connect vision, photographic capture and image production. Old camcorders, dangling surveillance cameras, slide projectors, belts, wooden planks, cardboard are all built into fragile structures which ironically but also poetically envision an autonomous future where imagery is created and consumed without human presense. The camera becomes an independent actor that will have to learn itself to work, to fail and to interpret. This work is equally a critical commentary on contemporary imaging practices and analog photography traditions, as well as a suggestive visualization of our relationship with images - as memories, as perceptions, as assumptions, as desires.“
Gallerie Lullin+Ferrari

Slide Projector, 2022
Compressor, 2022
Still Life, 2022
Circulation, 2022
4 Cameras, 2022