circulation IV
Switzerland / Italy, 2023

„It’s Photography, Stupid! is a programme exploring the expansive boundaries of contemporary photography, featuring work by graduates of ECAL’s Master’s in Photography. With a series of installations, screenings and talks hosted at the new SPBH Space in Milan, visitors will be challenged, entertained and provoked, and asked to (re)consider what photography is today in an era of 3D models, social media, and AI. Opening the programme and inaugurating the space on Thursday 26 January 2023 is a site-specific kinetic sculpture by German artist Clemens Fischer. This huge machine, which unsuccessfully tries to record images of itself and the space-audience in a frustrating and endless loop, is a bric-à-brac of technology including surveillance cameras and screens. Both comical and playfully challenging, the sculpture asks the audience to reconsider their reverence and fear of technology. Fischer’s monolith is a photographic totem that demands both worship and ridicule. „
Self Publish Be Happy Milano